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Lunch and Learn is a knowledge-sharing initiative in an informal context – we take lunch together and discuss topics of general interest (personal development, business, anything we think may be useful for our colleagues). The meetings are organized and guided by a moderator – who prepares and facilitates themes. 

The event has been initated by Alexandra and is now coordinated by Ana for Cluj office and Alexandra for Iasi. 

We work alongside each other everyday. We deal with urgencies, with long term projects, we bring our contribution where it is most needed.

But there is always a need to develop ourselves beyond the hard skills required for the job. The need to bring variety, excitement and learning on the plate. And we prefer to do all this together, because we enjoy each other’s company. This is how the space for the Lunch & Learn initiative was created.

Lunch & Learn is an in-house and informal learning initiative. We meet in a small group every month, we take our lunch break together and we say „yes” to the opportunity of learning something new. Our volunteer moderators prepare topics that are, preferably, non-technical and non-specific to a job profile, as we already have those covered in other internal community events.

So far, our Lunch & Learn meetings have given us the opportunity to learn about how to make feedback count, how to be the kind of mentor that inspires others to grow and to surpass their limits. We have opened up about what the difficult conversations in our life are, and how to handle them in the most assertive way. We have learned why zebras don‘t get ulcer and the link between that and stress management. Things also got interesting and pumped out when we learned how to run a debate and how to find the best arguments to back-up an opinion.

Besides the new information we added to our portfolio, there is an extra, very special benefit this program gave us. We got to meet each other in a new way; we got to talk more about our interests, our values, our challenges, and got a glimpse of the person behind the professional. This comes to prove again, there is always something exciting to discover and experience together within a community of people that is so curious and energetic!

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