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Yonder is the technical partner of choice for software vendors

Yonder relies on superior technical skills and in-depth understanding of business principles to help you realize your ambitions. We begin by helping you define your product’s business goals. Throughout the development and deployment phases, we ensure your project remains on target to meet those goals. You can focus on your domain of expertise and on your customers’ needs, safe in the knowledge that the technical aspects of your project are in good hands.

Yonder’s European and U.S. clients operate in many different verticals in the public and private sectors (healthcare, local government, finance and insurance, waste management, legal, security and surveillance, lease management, food service and education.) They also include horizontal software companies. We are organized in four nimble units that each has a director who leads the teams in the unit. And Yonder has two CTO’s. This enables us to be close to our clients and increases our efficiency and effectiveness. Our Managing Director oversees all four units.

Part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS) belonging to Constellation Software Inc. (CSI).

Yonder is a subsidiary of Total Specific Solutions (TSS), itself part of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI). CSI acquires and grows high-market-share, mission-critical vertical market software companies in expanding industries across the globe.


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Leadership Team

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Our solutions

  New Initiatives
Build a brand new app
Modernize your legacy application
  Application Management
Further develop and/or maintain your application

Our components

·   Software Development
·   Software Architecture
·   Project Management
·   Testing
·   DevOps
·   Requirement Analysis
·   UI/UX Design
·   Software Audit

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