Yonder 25

Yonder will celebrate its 25th anniversary

What a great age to be, twenty-five. An age when you already experienced quite a few things, learned many lessons, and have gotten a clear picture of your place in the world. But at the same time, you are still young, and there is plenty of room to grow further.

For Yonder, our place is in the world of software companies, with a special link to Vertical Market Software (VMS). We are honored to be part of the most significant conglomerate of VMS companies, the CSI group, and part of its European operating group – TSS, building the largest European VMS company together. Our mission is helping software and VMS companies to innovate and manage their technology so that they can entirely focus on their customers and serve them in a significant way.

Follow this page and our blogs on Yonder 25. We will go through 25 years of changes in the software industry as much has changed since the inception of Yonder. And we will focus on the future as we are sure that the pace of change will continue to increase in the future.

So watch this space, and mark the 7th of December in your calendar.

Blog posts

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