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Why Yonder

I found quality people, a warm atmosphere, friendliness and cooperation.


Because of the team and of the atmosphere.


For the overall technical expertise and diversity of challenges.


I have interesting events to tell my friends and family at the end of my working day.


Because people matter, they make the difference.


For the extraordinary projects I’m working on.


This is who we are

We emphasize involvement and dedication. We value trust and transparency. These traits are the basis of all our relationships: between professionals, with our customers, but above all, between us as human beings.

We believe in partnerships; we feel that company and people growth are closely associated. We grow together and appreciate together!

We also know that great ideas come from everywhere, so we support innovative thinking throughout the company.

With us, you will be encouraged to come up with ideas, to make decisions and to try (even at the risk of making a mistake), rather than putting your head in the sand or avoid making any decision.

And, because we value people the most, we are open and actively engaged with our customers, communities, collaborators and each other, from professionals to interns.

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