DevOps Engineer (Healthcare Field), Mid Level, Cluj-Napoca

We’re opening a new world of possibilities

You’re welcome to join the fun and… embark in a learning journey full of continuous technical & non-technical development opportunities. Our clients’ products help optimize healthcare operations, while guaranteeing information privacy. The security and integrity of the data we store is critical to our clients’ business, as the focus on improving communication between healthcare providers.

If you’ll join us you will have…

  • access to various professional certifications and growing programs
  • access to various learning materials, courses and trainings
  • exposure to the customer
  • exposure to a variety of projects, designed for various industries: financial, healthcare, business modelling and others
  • an awesome Agile team
  • passionate colleagues and growing environment
  • access to our Yonder benefits program

Requirements and responsibilities :

  • our goal is to be able to run our servers in a cloud-like environment, so knowledge of one cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP) would really help us
  • our software runs on Linux and we have it containerized for development, but there’s a lot we want to improve in this area, and also use it in production, so Docker experience is kind of important
  • good knowledge of Configuration Management and Deployment tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform
  • proficient in scripting and Git workflows (if you don’t know Git, we have plenty of people you can learn from)
  • experience in developing CI/CD pipelines. We do have experience setting these up and some of our colleagues can guide you if needed
  • some of our other projects will need your expertise as well
  • our backend runs on Java. It will be easier to work with it if you understand how Java apps work
  • we believe our nginx config is quite good, but we know that all kinds of unicorns can be added to make it more secure. If you have that kind of experience, we will be impressed.
  • we want to make our colleagues working on other projects to be envious of our sexy dashboards, so if you know tools that can monitor our infrastructure and have useful stats, our colleague, Paul, will buy you beers, or other drinkable (and legal!) substance of your choice
  • we expect you to help us setup our load balancers, DB and server clusters
  • everyone in our team works directly with our customers, so we are expecting your communication skills to match the team

What values are we looking for?

  • continuous improvement mindset
  • sense of ethics, integrity
  • entrepreneurial and innovative mindset
  • professional and positive attitude

Apply now!

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Our solutions

  New Initiatives
Build a brand new app
Modernize your legacy application
  Application Management
Further develop and/or maintain your application

Our components

·   Software Development
·   Software Architecture
·   Project Management
·   Testing
·   DevOps
·   Requirement Analysis
·   UI/UX Design
·   Software Audit

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