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From student to Software Architect

If you have passion, it’s not an effort to stay up to date, to learn new things, we were the bleeding edge, it was perfectly timed.
Remus is Head of Tech Board of one of Yonder Business Units. Remus joined Yonder as junior, at the very beginning of our company and in the very early stages of service IT industry in Cluj. He coordinates now a team of experts. On a daily basis he collaborates with delivery teams and clients to find the right tech choices to the business needs.

The beginning

I was a sophomore, I was bored and there was little practical training at university. Together with a few room-mates, we decided to go and get a job. This is how I got here. You had to learn by yourself Progress, how to carry out a project, every day there was someone else who stayed late and worked as a tutor. I had been involved with programming for a long time, it was not hard for me to learn Progress.

From student to Software Architect

Things flow naturally, I could say, if you enjoy what you are doing – I was always lucky to be passionate. If you have passion, it’s not an effort to stay up to date, to learn new things, we were the bleeding edge, it was perfectly timed.

The same thing happened with my passion for Linux. A colleague gave me a CD with Linux, and for three days I tried to install it and failed (this was in the mid 90s), I became even more determined, got myself a different version that I installed instantly and I liked it a whole lot. That’s when the Internet started and I became the Pipeline Guy. The Internet was supplied through a line from Romtelecom, not everyone had access to it, and I was the “Guy with the Tap”. In my senior year of university I went from part-time to full-time and it was the only one who received a scholarship (because of Y). I was so scared that I was spending 8 hours at work and that I am dropping the ball at school, that I was studying non-stop. Java had just appeared, so I learned Applets and built the first site in the company – on my computer. I was gathering documentation there, if I remember correctly. The name of the site was Neurozone – Neuro was my nick-name.

Practically, I was a PM, but I was more inclined towards the technical side than towards the managerial one – I enjoyed the PM role because I was close to the client, the technical decisions were made quickly, and I understood the client’s needs because I was working in direct collaboration with him. I was sooner a developer and software architect than a project manager. After becoming part of TSS, I took over very many projects, I switched from the management line to the architect one. This is the part that interests me the most.


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