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QC Engineer, Senior Level, Iasi

We are looking for a colleague who will be part of one of our Scrum Teams, being a quality advocate for a suite of applications for civil servants from different municipalities across The Netherlands. The product is a web application connected to multiple 3’rd parties that enables the user to perform various administrative processes trough a BPM flow.

The main responsibility is to implement from the ground up an automation practice (framework, processes and strategy) to help the team improve the level of quality of the product. Also, you are expected to improve the internal processes and facilitate smoother development and delivery.

We expect you to be autonomous, to be able to take the decisions about the tools and processes needed to improve the product from processes all the way to automation framework design and implementation.


  • Implement, improve and adapt the software testing life cycle to meet business objectives and team objectives;
  • Refine new functionality requirements, validate their implementation and perform regression testing when needed;
  • Report issues, triage incoming issues and work on validating fixes;
  • Work with the team to improve existing processes (scrum, testing or development), asses risks and come up with mitigation for them;
  • Cooperate with the development team to facilitate releases and delivery to client for new versions or patches;
  • Perform API testing and UI testing (manual or automated);
  • Perform exploratory testing for new functionalities;
  • Perform bug fix testing, regression testing;
  • Set the bases (framework) and practices for test automation (UI or API);


  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English;
  • You understand that each person has their own communication style, and everyone is different in their own way, so you are aware when you add value to a conversation and when not;
  • You adapt to different situation and can communicate information on different levels or seniority and adapt your message to different audiences – colleagues, managers, clients, collaborators;
  • You understand what types of testing you should apply and you also know how to leverage combinations to achieve your testing goal;
  • You also can adapt your issue & test reports to the audience and tailor the information to communicate product issues, highlight risks and report on application status;
  • Proven experience with different manual testing techniques (exploratory testing, scripted -testing, case- based testing, black-box testing, regression testing, non-functional testing -cross-browser testing;
  • You understand how the internet works and you can describe how browsers, servers and DB communicate;
  • You have knowledge of HMTL, CSS, JavaScript enough to be able to debug and investigate potential issues;
  • You can read / write code in at least one programming language and you have previous experience with different design patterns and coding practices;
  • You like to take initiative and have ownership, when necessary to propose solutions -technical, process or team related;
  • You care about the quality of your work and you take pride in delivering it stakeholders whoever they may be – clients, managers, team members;
  • Besides the satisfaction you get from the quality of your work and the results you achieve, giving back to the community, teaching others, organizing training, workshops, internships are one of the moments you truly show your knowledge of testing concepts and practices;
  • You like to help people and form close working relationships with your colleagues;

Some of the tools & technologies currently used:

  • Java 8;
  • Angular 1-7 (migration in progress);
  • Maven;
  • Git Lab;
  • Sonar;
  • Post;
  • Postman;
  • Jira+  xRay plugin + Confluence;
  • Jenkins;
  • VM’s with Windows / Linux using vSphere;

If you’ll join us you will have…

  • Access to various professional certifications and growing programs;
  • Access to various learning materials, courses and trainings;
  • Be part of an awesome QC Community;
  • Exposure to the customer;
  • Be part of a variety of projects, designed for various industries;
  • Passionate colleagues and growing environment;

We are looking forward to meeting you!

*Please note that by applying to this role you give your consent to have your personal data processed by Yonder for this role and for future ones.

You can find more details about our policy here.

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