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Welcome to the Yonder Book Club. At Yonder, we come together and share insights we have gained from reading different business books. We want to expand our knowledge continuously and stay on top of the latest trends and business principles. And then whether and how these new insights can benefit our clients.

And so we bring you the Yonder Book Club so we can share these new ideas with you. Interested what this could mean for your business? Get in touch, and one of our colleagues will come by with a copy of the book for you and will discuss the applicability over a cup of coffee. That is if you are located in the Netherlands or Belgium. In other countries, we will schedule a Skype call and send you the book afterward.

You will find the contact button on the book review page.


A simple toolkit based on The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

A simple toolkit for your business

by Bogdan Chiorean

During my early years at Yonder, I was curious how to setup a startup and create a successful product that really solves a problem. I got intrigued by the companies in Yonder’s portfolio, whether they were organizations with mature platforms who deal with customers on a daily basis or startups in the first stages of their life cycle. Such questions like “How can we solve a real problem? “, “How prepared is the market?”, “Am I investing too much?”, “How I can validate the idea behind a startup?”, were on my mind. Having navigated through several books on the subject, I got most of the answers from ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries.


Contact us and someone will visit you with a copy of the book to discuss the applicability for your product and company.

Note: this offer applies only to software product companies or ISVs, or corporates software units who service internal departments similar as an ISV serves its market.

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