Yonder, application innovation

Yonder, part of TSS, develops software for the most prominent software companies; we unburden them. This unburdening gives product software companies the freedom to fully focus on market and customer demand.

Collaboration with the product software company as domain specialist and Yonder as technology specialist. And thus market demand will be fully realized by technological innovations.

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  • “Yonder will be our partner to help us keep innovating our solution and make sure it is based on agile technology which enables continuous modernization.”

    Michel Henskens
  • “With the commitment of Yonder we deliver valuable solutions to the financial industry.”

    John Suijker
    Director Product Development
  • “Yonder transformed a business idea into a working online platform that serves as the core of our business. In doing so, yonder showed what true partnership means.”

    Ydir Vissers
  • “The speed at which market demand changes will only increase over time. Yonder has helped us to become more scalable and improve our time to market.”

    Mark Abbas
    Managing Director
    GMT Europe BV

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