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value adding services

We offer our clients a comprehensive approach to software development that includes consultancy and high-value services. These can be short-term, stand-alone engagements or be included in the overall product development. We focus on the pragmatic: a practical and sensible approach offering our clients results without any added fluff. Yonder, your one partner to take care of all your technology needs.

  • Security Services

    Infrastructure Assessment, Penetration Testing, Phishing Simulation, Performance Stress Testing, Vulnerability Management, Security Code Review, Capture the Flag Event, and Training/Workshops on security topics related to your specific needs.

  • Technology DD

    Investigating a company’s technology capabilities to evaluate and assess risks before investing or acquiring.

  • Process Improvement Services

    Software Process Assessment and Software Process Improvement to provide you with a better structure/standardization of your processes and optimize them.

  • Architecture Services

    Architect as a Service, CTO as a Service, Architectural review & strategy, etc. A team of technical experts with seniority to help you tackle your software architect challenges.

  • Product Definition

    Creating a software product from scratch. It starts with a workshop that researches your vertical, its challenges and needs, identifies your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, creates user personas, and defines your potential solution. And that is just the start.

  • Roadmap and product strategy

    Some software companies find it difficult to create a roadmap based on the right priorities and demands of the right customers. They are just too busy fixing issues or developing promised features. Our senior experts can help by defining the roadmap and strategy for you.

customer experience & design

customer experience & design

from new product to revamp

You stay ahead of the competition by creating modern digital experiences. Your customers have continuously evolving demands, and no software solution can go without a dynamic, modern experience. This, along with a well-aligned design, should be an integral part of your product strategy.

  • UI/UX revamp

    Looking at your current product design, optimizing it to a modern digital experience that is tuned to the needs of your target audience.

  • Product definition

    Creating a new digital product from scratch and placing the right emphasis on the product experience.

  • Product Delivery

    Developing a PoC or MVP into an actual software product and updating existing products into new modern product experiences.

  • Mobile

    Creating mobile experiences, native or on web technology, offering your users an all-around experience on any device.

development, modernizations and process optimization

development, modernizations and process optimization

creating value for you

You may have an existing, well-valued software solution, where you need a partner to continue development on the standard software so you can focus on the specific customer needs. Or you wish to assess whether the processes are as optimized as possible so you don’t let unseen revenue slip through the cracks.

Perhaps you have a very functional, rich solution that has proven its value to your clients for many years but is not attracting new customers. Or the technology in which you built your solution is no longer supported, so you need to address that. Modernizations require experience, and we have helped many clients with modernizations and have a strategy featuring multiple options depending on the need and lifecycle stage.

Should you modernize your system of engagement, records, and intelligence? Do your clients require a cloud-based infrastructure and a new licensing system?

  • Modernization plan/workshop

    We define a modernization plan based on product lifecycle, technology, team, and market position. And then advise a roadmap based on which of the systems (engagement, intelligence) should be addressed. If a client desires so, we can offer a specific multiple-day workshop where we sit together and explore different options to approach modernization.

  • Modernization execution

    Not only have we created and defined the plans for modernization, but we have executed them as well, providing expertise in specific areas such as architecture, RA, and specific technologies. This gives the client the opportunity to focus on their domain and their current solution while we develop the new solution.

  • Process optimization

    Over time processes start to leak, and they are no longer as efficient as they were in the beginning. This is a very natural occurrence, which you don’t really notice, but it means loss of time and revenue for our clients. We help our clients to assess the current stage of their development processes and can deliver an optimization plan which we can help execute as well.

devops and cloud

devops and cloud

there is business value in devops & cloud

Digital transformation and modern solutions require moving your software solutions to the cloud. Only then can you deliver your solutions 24/7 on any device to your market. Plus, nowadays, end users often rely on aggregated information from multiple solutions to give them the single overview they need.

DevOps brings Development and Operations closer together rather than regarding these two as separate silos. Especially for software companies, development is an integral part of their business. By applying DevOps solutions, our clients increase their efficiency by having a quick delivery time, more effective cooperation between teams, and continuous release and deployment cycles. So, in fact, DevOps gives you more visibility and control over your product and, thus, operations.

  • DevOps

    Our DevOps services help shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. It is complementary to agile software development.

  • Cloud

    We help our clients gain the benefits of the cloud with the right structures, platforms, and technologies. We help you define the right cloud strategy and implement the chosen infrastructure, so you can move to the correct SaaS maturity level (lift & shift, Cloud optimized, Cloud native). We maintain your cloud solution for you, ensuring that it is running securely and optimally.

new technologies

new technologies

AI, ML, RPA & more

New technologies appear on the market all the time. Before applying any innovative, hip new tech solution in your B2B or enterprise software, they need to mature enough to prove their value to clients and users. We investigate the commercial viability of new promising technologies. We help you, the domain experts, choose the right tool and supplier for your needs. And we use these technologies to develop new features/apps, giving you an advantage in the market and your tools a good user experience.

  • Artificial Intelligence AI

    Gartner regards AI and ML as one of the five most important technologies for this decade. Yet most endeavors don’t end up in production. We have services and workshops to help you experiment and find your approach to AI.

  • Machine Learning ML

    ML is considered part of AI and can be defined broadly as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.

  • Robotic Process Automation RPA

    RPA can help in automating repetitive tasks, which usually take a lot of time and are not very inspiring to do. We have investigated several interesting tools on the market, which each have value, but based on your specific situation, one may fit your need better than the other.