CSR Programs

Together for the Community

Yonder and its people feel strongly about giving back to the country which has a strong upcoming professional middle class in the cities, but where the rural areas still face poverty challenges.

Corporate, team and individual charity programs

There are many social responsibility initiatives. Our Yonder charity program stands for care, humanity, altruism, involvement, and the small gestures that bring a great deal of joy! We also have a program with PinkRoccade Local Government to help improve the future of rural Romania.

The COTE Foundation

The COTE Foundation Afterschool is the first CSR project initiated by Yonder Iasi. It has been developed in partnership with our customer PinkRoccade Local Government and the COTE Foundation.

This project supports the Cote Foundation and motivates children from Ceplenita, Romania, to attend their after-school training. It is designed to help these children make a better future for themselves as they do not have the same opportunities as children from cities who come from a more affluent background. The program focuses on providing mentorship to the children. They will learn how to use a computer, receive help with doing their homework and find out more about other cultures directly from people who live in different countries of the world. It is made possible with the support from enthusiastic Romanian and foreign volunteers backed up by PinkRoccade Local Government, Yonder, and the COTE Foundation.

Visit the COTE Foundation website.

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