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About us story

Success starts with knowing what you should and shouldn’t do yourself

For a long time life was simple.
Technological developments and market demand were within the scope of software companies; they could effectively exploit market potential

But then the world of software companies started changing quickly:
Technological developments and opportunities follow each other at lightning speed

Exploiting market potential to the fullest requires extreme flexibility from software companies

So it makes sense that software companies follow the path of market demand… that’s where the added value is

But how does a software company then fill in the technological part of the equation?

And how will that work in the future?
A strategic partnership with a clear division of roles

How does a software company then fill in the delivery part of the equation?

Through a producer who:
• takes care of the agreed part of the development process
• can guarantee a faster time-to-market
• knows the latest technological and delivery developments plus how to apply these
• advises on how to improve the initial concept
• has a proven service record

We fulfill the role of producer because:
• we take full responsibility over our part of the software development process
• collaborating with us gives you the opportunity to fully focus on the market (… and innovate)
• we continuously deepen our software and delivery knowledge and truly want to innovate in our field of expertise
• we know how important predictability, quality and agility are to our customers in developing new software products
• our time-to-market is impressive

We are different from the others because:
• we view ourselves as the inspirational power behind product innovation
• we take responsibility over our part of the development process
• we see ourselves as the high-end production facility of software products
• our production facilities in Romania enable us to produce more efficiently and cost effectively
• high performance is always our objective

Our collaboration with software companies is:
• based on proven methodologies
• based on best practices
• using state of the art tooling for agile scrum development
• supported by multiple communication means
• tested through customer satisfaction surveys
• our core business

…and the software we deliver:
• is reliable
• is scalable
• is maintainable
• is innovative
• is on time
• and within budget
• gives our customer a competitive edge

Taking full responsibility over the agreed areas is not a unique selling point, but simply a prerequisite.


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