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Blueriq is a software solution of Everest, the business engineering company which translates complex business issues to innovative and practical IT solutions for financial service providers and central governments.
Blueriq is the software platform of choice for organizations with knowledge-intensive, rule-driven business processes. By modeling, automating and integrating these processes within one central environment, you can:

Respond more rapidly to changes
Blueriq Decision Management enables you to respond more rapidly to changes in policy, legislation and regulations, and new market opportunities.

Create the ultimate customer experience

With Customer Experience Management you can offer your clients a streamlined and highly personalized user experience.

Streamline your service delivery

Dynamic Case Management ensures rapid, integrated handling of cases between knowledge workers, customers, and other stakeholders.

Blueriq focusses on financial service providers and central governments. Organizations where knowledge-intensive processes are the core of their activities and where our platform has already proven its value over the past 15 years.

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“Yonder accelerates the development of our platform and allows us to respond quickly to new business opportunities. Yonder positions itself as a strategic partner from concept to realization.” by Jasper van Bladel, Product Manager Blueriq


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