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Delivery Centers

Yonder has two delivery centers in Romania, in the cities Cluj and Iasi
The offices have been designed to enhance teamwork and communication. The design and layout are open, colorful and professional to inspire and create an energetic work environment. This brings out the best in us.

Open floor plan to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing
The open floor plans make it easy for customer teams to sit together and become close teams. Yet they leave room to look across teams and share knowledge on technologies and delivery best practices. And both locations have many conference rooms for the daily scrum video sessions with customers and other meetings. And there are inspirational areas for teams or colleagues to meet, make phone calls and such. The professionals are joined by the IT department, HR and resources, and finance department. These staff functions ensure the right digital infrastructure, the hiring, and management of our most valuable asset, the professionals, and a solid financial structure. Our Managing Director is also located at the heart of the company, the delivery centers. The sales and marketing department is located at the headquarters in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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