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eGPO is designed to optimize the communication and coordination of care between care providers and their patients by addressing the patient needs and beliefs as the key value for all shared decision making.

The most urgent problems in the perception of the patient are synchronized among a care team enabling doctors to engage in a multidisciplinary team without the burden of extensive communication and documentation. Together with their informal caregivers, patients are enabled to interact with the care team via a safe messaging system and have real-time access to a shared high-level care plan. The system reduces unnecessary communication, informs all involved in the care process, avoids redundant care or administrative efforts and does so with information that could easily fit on the back of a beer coaster.

Visit the eGPO website.

“Working with Yonder can be best described as a seamless team integration. The level of knowledge and commitment of our team in Cluj Napoca is impressive and even more importantly they are fabulous colleagues” by Waldemar Hogerwaard, General Manager at Convenient Fastguide BV


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