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PinkRoccade Tax & Property

The policy Tax & Properties that consists of object registration, and taxes & the cadastral registry, will undergo many changes in the coming years.
The objective? To establish one integral, digital object registry. The first steps are interfacing the BAG (basic registration addresses and buildings) and WOZ (value of immovable property) and the connections to the LV WOZ (national facility WOZ), the BRK (Tax Regulation for the Kingdom of the Netherlands), and the WKPB (the Act on awareness of immovable property restrictions under public law). Major operations that should give an impulse to the quality and accessibility of all physical objects in the Netherlands and its interfaces with other registries.

The local governments need to realize this major operation with fewer people while the number of tasks will increase as well as the complexity of the tasks. And the citizens demand 24/7 access online and insight into their data. PinkRoccade Local Government helps municipalities to meet these challenges by supporting, redesigning and implementing the operation for this area. And by offering solutions that comply with the new standards and are future-proof.

Visit the Tax & Property domain on the PinkRoccade Local Government website.

“The collaboration with Yonder helped us developing a state of the art application that makes the difference in our market today and will give new opportunities for tomorrow.” by Rudy Boonman, Product Owner PinkRoccade Tax & Property


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