Webinar Recording: Dive into API testing

October 14, 2020

Test automation - API Testing


Test Automation in actual steps: Dive into API testing

In the third webinar on testing Codruta Bunea will dive into API Testing. APIs have become the backbone of programming, and API testing can help to accelerate testing and increase efficiency. But where do you start with it? In this webinar, we will answer the following 3 questions for you: the why, what, and how for writing automation tests at the API level.


  • Knowing the needs of automation at the API level, the benefits that API testing will add to our test results, and why it improves our testing.
  • What we need to know before, during, and after testing APIs
  • What we need to automate at an API (contract, component, scenario tests) and details on how we can construct our API test approach
  • How can we make the best of it and create automation tests and reports?


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