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How to set up a team for your complex software modernization

How do you set up your team for success in new initiatives or modernizations?

Regardless of whether you embark on a new initiative or complex modernization project, the way you establish your team can significantly impact the success of the project. In this edition of our Lifecycle Extension podcast, we have as our guest Joona Kokkola, CTO of Maestro, sharing his experience.

Maestro Retail went through a couple of software modernizations until it made it into its current form, a very modern and efficient high maturity SaaS application.

During our conversation, we touch upon essential topics in team provisioning:

  • Balance of old team members with domain knowledge and new team members with new technology skills.
  • The focus of core people, how do we isolate them to focus on the new initiative and not be pulled into operational issues.
  • Knowledge transfer and training.
  • Important soft skills for technical leads in such projects.
  • How do you select which core people to assign to the new initiatives?
  • Importance of proof of concepts.
  • Rookie mistakes on the technical and requirements side.
  • Key ingredients for a successful team.

With our special thanks to Joona Kokkola.


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