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Meet some of our delivery managers

Yonder’s delivery managers; the bridge between the client and the team

When we enter into an engagement with a client, the Yonder team consists of different types of professionals, each specialized in their field or technology. We add specific high-level expertise to the mix when required such as for example, an architect. But who manages the team? And who discusses the product objectives with the client and guards these goals in the engagement? Who is the bridge between the client and Yonder? Our delivery managers!

Our DMs manage the teams and guard our clients’ interests during the engagement. As Yonder is part of one of Europe’s leading Vertical Market Software companies, Total Specific Solutions, which is part of Constellation Software Inc., we have gained much knowledge on the needs and best practices of VMS or software product companies. These insights help us to understand our customers’ needs better and to think along with them on the best options for the software products.

Our DMs are an essential part of the team, building trust, discovering and managing the different needs, being result-oriented and representing not only Yonder but our clients as well.

So, meet some of our DMs.


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