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Celebrating our 15-year partnership with AMCS


“We kick off this year celebrating our 15-year business partnership with AMCS. Our partnership began in 2007, and it has witnessed the acquisition of Yonder by Total Specific Solutions (TSS) and TSS by Constellation Software Inc., and GMT by AMCS. And with those changes come new insights and ways of working. It was also during this time that software companies were switching from waterfall to more agile ways of software development, a radical change in the way of working also between a software company and development partner.”

“And here we are today celebrating 15 years of partnerships through all those changes; two companies that have grown and reached new heights, new levels of maturity. We will celebrate the anniversary with a series of articles looking at our past and the current situation. When our clients, primarily B2B software companies, entrust the (co-)development of their solutions to us, we value that trust and take responsibility in helping them reach their product ambitions. Having long-term relationships, as we have with AMCS, proves that we take that seriously.”

Cristian Inceu

Cristian Inceu
Managing Director





So, let’s kick off the anniversary with an article where Mark Abbas (pictured), CMO of AMCS, looks back on where we started and where we are now.

Click here to read the article.

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