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Cybersecurity Newsletters – April 2020 summary

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If you are interested in security updates, but you just want a quick overview and timing is not an issue for you, here are the links to and topics of April’s newsletters.

Click here for our CyberThreatAware newsletter of April 28, 2020

This edition features:

  • 0-click mail!
  • Microsoft Teams vulnerable due to a GIF file
  • Multiple Vulnerabilities in IBM Data Risk Manager
  • Text ‘bomb’ crashes iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches
  • BlueFrag – A critical Bluetooth vulnerability in Android 8.0-9.0 (walkthrough)
  • Be Cyber Threat Aware!

Click here for our CyberThreatAware Emergency newsletter of April 23, 2020

This was a special newsflash regarding critical vulnerabilities that require immediate action.

The cybersecurity researchers from ZecOps published a comprehensive report regarding multiple 0-day vulnerabilities that affect the default mailing application pre-installed on millions of iPhones and iPads.

Click here for our CyberThreatAware newsletter April 23, 2o20

This edition features:

  • Terminal escape injection – The new XSS for Linux system administrators
  • Unsecure Docker images – Easy way of compromising a cloud infrastructure
  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday April
  • Git Zero Day could allow attacker to steal private credentials
  • Cyber-attacks target Healthcare organizations
  • Be Cyber Threat Aware!

Click here for our CyberThreatAware newsletter April 15, 2020

This edition features:

  • Information disclosure vulnerability in the VMware Directory Service
  • Unauthorized Camera access on iOS and macOS
  • Critical Mozilla Firefox Zero-day Vulnerabilities
  • Travelex Paid Hackers 2.3 million Dollar Ransom

Click here for our CyberThreatAware newsletter April 7, 2020

This edition features:

  • New Zero Day flaw in Zoom Meetings
  • Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Google Chrome Security Issues
  • Mozilla patches two Firefox Zero-Days
  • COVID-19

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