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Datamine Labs + Yonder Presents: the Mobile Lidar Hackathon, Romania

Datamine Labs and Yonder present the Mobile Lidar Hackathon: a 48 hour event hosted in Salina Turda, salt mine near Cluj Napoca, Romania. Over the weekend of 9-11 September 2021, a team of software developers will be working towards developing the functionality to use and mobile lidar technology to 3D scan rocks and samples in order to document and inventory them.

Building on existing mobile technology with the aim to solve a challenge many devices are having at present, in combining multiple cameras, different angles of images, LiDar sensors, GPS + Accelerometer – we’re excited to share insights following the event.

“Innovation is essential to our product development, and events like this enable us to test out new technology at a rapid pace, as well as having some fun with it. We’re excited to bring this to our customers,” said John Shippick, Exploration Geology Product Manager at Datamine.

“Hackathons are an exciting way to generate new technological developments with our partners, and this one even more so when it involves technology that can be tested and used practically in an environment such as Salina Turda,” said Bogdan Chiorean, Delivery Manager, Yonder.  “We can’t wait to share what our team comes up with during the event.”

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Want to learn more about the developments from the Mobile Lidar Hackathon? Email Datamine at [email protected].

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