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DevOps is a mindset

Many VMS and other software companies have the need to increase their efficiency. And by that, I mean that they face one or more of the following efficiency challenges for:

  • Software Development Productivity
  • Product stability, availability, security and performance
  • Time to Market
  • Cost-Effectiveness

DevOps can help software companies improve for the above-mentioned areas. However, what is DevOps exactly? Our Yonder DevOps solution is, first of all, a mindset built on understanding the end-to-end process of delivering business value and ensuring the delivery of solid business outcomes, while also creating cost efficiencies and saving time.

So, what have we achieved for our customers who use Yonder DevOps Solution? Well, here is the top six:

1. 350,000 € in cost savings

for our clients on licensing, hardware, and resources by DevOps optimizations. Most of these savings were achieved by an R&D spend that redeems itself in the first year. DevOps is all about delivering business value quickly to our clients.

2. 1,600+ production incidents avoided

Our operational teams avoided 1,600+ incidents using Yonder’s ‘Silent Run’ pro-active monitoring. This is a huge added value, especially for SaaS/multi-tenant applications where the impact of downtime is multiplied by the number of users.

3. 12 Products Managed by Yonder

Our teams currently manage 12 products in the production environment, all of them in different verticals, with different requirements, SLAs, etc. It is our business to accommodate YOUR business requirements.

4. 0 Security Incidents Occurred

Since 2017, we have had 0 security incidents. Security and data integrity are our top priority, no matter what. We provide services for mission-critical businesses across the globe that contain private patient and citizen information. We are ready to meet the most if not all the legal and security standards that your business is required to meet.

5. 20+ Yonder DevOps professionals

who have a diverse knowledge base and background. Information Security, Cyber Security, Research, Performance Analysis, DB Administration, OS Administration, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, Datacenter Management, just to name a few specializations. Each professional has his or her expertise in specific areas bringing added value to any of our customers.

6. 450+ successful migrations

to and from private and public clouds. Our team of professionals can help you move your existing products from one platform to another, empowering you to take advantage of the Cloud at its full potential. Our team has experience in working with the three biggest Cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform.

Would you like to know more about Yonder DevOps solution, and find out how your company could benefit and in which areas? Feel free to get in touch with us.

Go to the DevOps solutions page, where you find our brochure.

By Alex Popescu, Business Unit Director at Yonder


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