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Dealing with different national requirements in a global software solution


Best practices on internationalization and the challenges from an R&D perspective


National RequirementIn this Life Cycle Extension interview, Remus Pereni sits down with Peter Kūhn, Manager Product Management at A+W Software GmbH, a company that develops innovative comprehensive solutions for the glass, windows and doors industry. A+W is a vertical software company delivering truly industry-specific solutions. Whereas many VMS companies focus on a local market, A+W has clients across the globe and each country has its specific standards that the software needs to incorporate. How does A+W do that?

A+W is active in around 70 countries across multiple continents serving customers of various sizes from small to large businesses. For their software solutions, they deal with such challenges as:

  • Different languages and databases
  • Different market situations and different human behaviors
  • Different currencies
  • Different legal and tax systems

For each different segment, they have to come up with solid user stories and then create a roadmap for their product and development cycle.

So, listen to the podcast or view the video of the interview below for A+W’s best practices.




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