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Digital solutions as a way to keep healthcare accessible


The rising cost of healthcare and making sure that it remains accessible to all is a continuous focus point worldwide. One way to contribute to keeping healthcare accessible and affordable is through meaningful IT solutions providing increasing efficiency within the vertical. Many healthcare software providers have dedicated solutions for specific segments in the industry. But clients are people who transcend segmentation. So, further connectivity can add another two cents to improving the affordability of healthcare.

Adding a technology partner to your domain knowledge

As a technology partner, we help software companies, such as healthcare solution providers, with technical insights, to make smart decisions for new solutions. We even have an approach, pragmatic innovation, whereby we look at the right steps to take. We are the technology experts and understand the vertical, but our clients are the domain experts. Adding the domain and technology expertise gives you the best of both worlds.

By increasing the efficiency (such as the input of information anywhere and anytime, less paperwork, quickly making information available, connecting all stakeholders, etc.), you free up the care providers’ time to focus on clients rather than administration. Creating new apps is one way to use the existing, dedicated, and well-functioning solutions and connecting them to other solutions and/or stakeholders in the care processes. Apps are lean, and they can be built and released as an MVP (minimum viable product). Simple and user-friendly apps are appealing as users are more comfortable in adopting them.


Affordable Healthcare


So, before you start building apps, it pays to picture, among others:

  • What are your business or product goals (first as well as the second and third horizon)?
  • What do your customers ask for or need? And what type of devices do they prefer and already use?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • What is your technology stack?

Based on your vision and the answers to the questions, you can decide whether you want a native app or go hybrid, which we will discuss later. And in a later post, we will share an Apple video with you, which gives a very holistic way of developing such apps in line with Eric Ries’s ‘Lean StartUp’ methodology and Apple Healthcare (to name a few.)

As a technology partner, we help our clients, the domain experts, to discover the needs and constraints from all stakeholders, review the competitive landscape, explore the options for the different horizons, and advise on the right technology stack for the new apps. Then we have the professionals who can develop the app while the DM guards the progress and alignment with the goals defined beforehand.

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