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Digital user guide, a self-service tool to optimize the adoption rate of your OutSystems solutions

OutSystems high development speed means you want a quick user adoption rate

If your company uses OutSystems, then you might find that the high development speed and release cycle frequency can also come with a downside.

Have you ever been worried that your users cannot keep up with all the new features you release? Lack of understanding can cause your new features not to be used efficiently or not used at all. In the long term, this becomes frustrating for both users and developers. And then, there is the cost of training to consider when introducing new products, features, or new users to your existing software.

More and more businesses transition to a self-service training approach. Why not apply this to your software products as well? Most users prefer to learn how to work with new products and features themselves. The easier it is, the more they will use it.

For Reactive, traditional, and mobile

Do you have Reactive, traditional, or mobile OutSystems applications? No worries, we’ve got all versions covered.

With our interactive product tours, you can improve new feature adoption, the level of self-service, and enhance the user experience.

Key benefits of our self-service approach:

  •     Personalized: interactive learning at your own pace.
  •     Highly customizable: configure the look and feel to match your brand and solution.
  •     Cost reduction: spend less time on training new users and explaining new features.
  •     Time efficiency: on-demand while interacting with the product.

The technology used behind the product tour is customizable:

  • The look and feel can easily incorporate your company’s brand identity.
  • The tour can start automatically or on-demand by pressing a button.
  • Absolutely any element on the page can be highlighted and included in the tour.
  • You can guide users through multiple screens of your application.
  • User-friendliness by being able to control the tour with your keyboard.
  • Consistent behavior: usable across all browsers (including the infamous IE)

Plus, we have used an open-source library; DriverJS has no external dependencies, uses vanilla Javascript, and supports all major browsers.

Click here to go through our demo.

You can find more information on our product on Forge on the OutSystems site. Just click here.  

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