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Webinar Recording: Domain Driven Design for Better Solutions



Webinar Domain-Driven design


It is clear by now what the inconveniences are of a massive monolith with tight coupling between domain concepts that take a tremendous effort to decouple, leading to the famous big ball of mud. Many times, starting from scratch will bring us to the same spot. Why? How the human brain processes the concepts is not the best way to model them.

Besides advocating for the importance of establishing a common language, domain-driven design highlights some strategic patterns in producing superior systems. The strategic design is a set of principles for designing and maintaining domain model integrity for large-scale applications and systems. Essential in microservices-based architecture or traditional layered monoliths, the way we design and isolate our model will be the foundation of crucial characteristics like coupling and cohesion.

Learn the core concepts of the domain-driven design patterns family and their importance in creating the correct solutions with good quality attributes.

A bit of a technical presentation by nature, it is also designed to introduce the core concepts to R&D managers, information, or enterprise architects.


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