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FII Practic 2024 or in English BE Practical 2024

Mentoring the new generation of tech enthusiasts

What is the FII Practic initiative?

FII Practic represents a challenge intended to bring together pupils/students and professionals from the corporate environment. The aim is to give participants the chance to develop new skills through hands-on learning sessions with industry experts.

New generation

As we delve into the digital age, a new generation of tech enthusiasts is emerging. They distinguish themselves by their fluency in technology and their innovative approach to solving problems. They are the first generation growing up with technology at their fingertips. So, they gained a great blend of skills and perspectives that are shaping the future of tech.

That’s why giving them opportunities for hands-on learning, mentorship, and access to cutting-edge tools and technologies can bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application and help nurture their skills and passions even more.

Yonder’s participation

We recognize that we have a vast pool of promising young tech students in Romania. Yonder can contribute to their development by sharing practical experience. The FII Practic event is a great opportunity to bring tech enthusiasts on a student and professional level together, and this year’s edition was definitely another success. Over five weekends, 12 Yonder colleagues from our Iași office trained 23 participants and shared practical insights through interactive workshops. As they all said at the end of the event, it was both challenging and rewarding.


How did the participants experience the event?

My experience has been truly remarkable. I had the opportunity to learn from talented professionals, work on interesting projects, and interact with a passionate community. This experience helped me develop my skills and shape my career direction in a meaningful way. I’m grateful for this opportunity and excited about what I’ve accomplished within the program.”
Alexandru, student

“The DevOps training organized by Yonder at FII Practic was an excellent learning experience, proving to be a perfect first step in this field. Over the course of five weeks, I didn’t just learn to use a specific set of tools but built a solid foundation in web technologies, communication protocols, and CI/CD. The trainers presented the information in an easy-to-understand way and were always open, helping me whenever I had a question.”
Răzvan, student

“The experience was remarkable and interactive, thanks to the trainers who were always there for us. Not only during the training, but every time we had questions, they promptly answered and gave us feedback. During the training sessions, we learned from the well-crafted presentations that explained various aspects of DevOps in an accessible way. We also had access to well-structured materials that included links to other resources for self-study. The final project proved to be a helpful review of all the training sessions, reinforcing my understanding and helping me solidify previously taught information. In conclusion, taking part in the training organized by Yonder helped me gain solid knowledge and made me continue exploring the DevOps area.”
Vlad, student

And what was the feedback from our Yonder colleagues who participated as trainers?

“My experience as a trainer has been extremely rewarding. Throughout the program, I had the opportunity to help the students develop their skills while also shedding light on the concept of DevOps. I am deeply impressed by the students’ involvement during the sessions and their commitment to completing individual tasks. For me, these aspects showed that they were captivated by the content presented and enjoyed coming to the training sessions week after week. I can confidently say that all the effort was worth it.”
Emilian, DevOps professional

“In recent years, FII Practic has become a tradition for our community. Every year, we have many DevOps enthusiasts who want to get involved and help others learn the craft. For me personally, it’s been an enjoyable experience. As a trainer for the second year in a row, I really appreciated the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are passionate about IT, some of whom have even become my colleagues. FII Practic is also a development opportunity for us, both in terms of soft and presentation skills as well as technical aspects. Overall, it’s been a pleasant experience, and I’ll definitely participate in the next edition.”
Cosmin, DevOps professional

“These five weeks of workshops at FII Practic were great from multiple perspectives. We had many students eager to explore new technologies that they will most likely end up working with. What was fascinating was their curiosity to understand every step explained in the documentation so that they could find their own solutions to implement the assignments. I also participated in these workshops as a ‘learner,’ and it was now the perfect time to share my expertise with the community. I want to thank the ASII team for organizing this event and my colleagues for helping create another successful edition of FII Practic.”
Liviu, DevOps professional

Congrats to all for your dedication, enthusiasm, and passion! You are really #yonderful!


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