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Focus on customers by splitting domain and technology


In this part of our Life Cycle Extension campaign, our CTO Remus Pereni sits down with Peyton Moore, President at the EWS Group, a company with moving software built for the moving industry. EWS understands that business is more than just materials, resources, and spreadsheets – it’s people. They are committed to their customers and the people who use their software. They are also committed to following the dynamics of their industry. To create the time needed to have such focus on their customers and domain, EWS split the technical and domain expertise.

The reasoning behind splitting domain and technology expertise

By dividing the two areas, EWS can focus entirely on its customers, their needs, and wishes. It can anticipate any needed adjustments due to changing regulations. It can follow the competition. Software companies with auxiliar products may build apps and thereby move from being a partner to a competitor. Venture capitalists are bringing bags of money to startups in the vertical market software (VMS) arena. Plus, as a VMS company, you need to watch the dynamics within your domain closely. Is the business in the vertical shifting, can you help your clients with solutions, so they follow the change and remain economically healthy?

Technology is a specialization game these days where many different specialists fulfill the needs. By sourcing technology to a partner, EWS can focus on where they make a difference: with their clients in the domain. And the partner can focus on the technology stack for today and take care of all the different specializations. And EWS wanted a partner who knows what might be coming in five to ten years, one that follows and identifies the technologies of the future. So when EWS chose a partner, how did they deal with:

  • How to mitigate any risks
  • How to choose what you source
  • How to build the right knowledge base

The split gives Peyton and his team the time to focus on their clients and domain.

  • How do you engage with your customers
  • How do you get buy-in from your users
  • How do you obtain information from your customers and their employees
  • and much more

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