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Hackathon week-end

Five TSS BU’s teamed with Yonder developers, assisted by a SWAT composed by Architects, UI Experts and Delivery Managers, in a very exciting weekend hosted by Yonder in Cluj-Napoca, they aimed to build MVP’s for their Initiatives. The results of those 2 days are great, the feedback from the participants was highly appreciative. In many cases, the teams achieved more than expected at the beginning of the Hackathon.

How did everything start…

The idea of a Hackathon appeared during the Initiatives Dinners organized by Yonder in January with Development Managers and Product Managers from TSS. Most of the participants agreed that can be very productive to escape from day-to-day activities and fully focus on their initiatives together with people that can bring a contribution to the concept. It is also a lean approach since it involves an experiment – a clear scope to build an MVP that is to be immediately validated with the customers and hopefully convincing them to be part of the SIG.

Yonder took that idea very serious and organized the Hackathon between 20-22 May. There were 5 TSS BU’s participating: Pharmacy, Care, Mental Care, BOS and Social Affairs.

Most important: we’ve worked together, we brainstormed together – and we also had fun together. And we also proved that determination for testing a good idea is the way to go.

What’s next…

Yonder started walking this path in order to support all the TSS BU’s achieve organic growth and accelerate their initiatives. The Initiatives Dinners were the beginning, after that there was the successful Hackathon. At the annual Yonder Community event we will continue to support the TSS Initiatives by inviting TSS BU’s to take the driver seat and present their achievements in this quest for organic growth.




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