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Happy to support Yuppi Summer Camp 2017

Happy and proud to be the sponsor of Yuppi Summer Camp 2017.

Yuppi Camp idea is to offer  free camps for the children and adolescents suffering from a chronic disease. As mentioned by the organizers, Yuppi Camp’s objectives is to raise the self-confidence of the children,  to develop a positive self-image and self-acceptance, from these resulting a deep emotional healing of the self , which, we believe, will influence greatly the physical healing of the children. This will also help the acceptance and integration of the disease and treatment in their lives.

For these reasons, the 8 days camps  are  full  with  adventures  and  challenges. The daily program is conceived   from  activities like climbing, hiking, horse-riding, rowing, archery, theater, photographing, music, handmade creation. In the evenings, the kids are part of new adventures like: helping Indiana Jones to  find   the  maps  to the treasure, to get ready for the Oscar galas, or to win back the fire from Olimp.

Happy to be part of this great initative and to contribute to the happiness and well-being of kids.

Today we got also a nice Thank You pic!

Thank you, Yuppi!


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