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How to work with cultural differences

In this Yonder Talks video, Daniel Lar, Remus Pereni, and Cristian Inceu talk about cultural differences in the broadest sense of the word. Yonder has clients all over the globe: Europe, North America, and Australia. Within each country, there are regional nuances within the national culture, so across borders, these differences are even more substantial.

Our customers are active in many different verticals. And each industry has its own ‘culture’ or way of working. Just think about the differences between public and private companies, startups or enterprises, B2B versus B2C software companies, etc.

As a partner of (primarily) vertical market software (VMS) companies, we help the business managers in realizing their product ambitions and the technical professionals with software development or consultancy. There is a difference in the way that business, process, and technical people view the world.

Now add all these cultural aspects together, and you get a glimpse of ‘cultural soup’ that is on the daily menu of outsourcing companies. Daniel, Remus, and Cristian discuss how they approach these differences.

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