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Identify lost revenue streams and stimulate organic growth

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your software company could identify any potential revenue streams and solve them to stimulate your organic growth in revenue each year? Well, our colleagues Bogdan Chiorean and Ionut Busecan have tackled this and will share their insights with you during the webinar.

Date: 5 April 2023
Starting time: 16:00 hours CEST
Duration: 45 minutes (30-minute webinar followed by Q&A)

We will discuss the challenges of validating ideas quickly, at low costs, and with high-impact results. Ideas that offer great potential for organic growth and have high chances of converting to potential solutions, bringing new revenue to your business.

So, what will we share with you during the webinar?

  • A discussion about the context of organic growth for companies.
  • The challenges in creating and running a new initiative/start-up in your own company.
  • Processes for validating initiatives cheaply, reliably, and quickly that we have defined during our years of experience.
  • Why should your organization do it?
  • A specific action plan for trying it!

This presentation is for:

  • Managers/Executives and leaders in the tech industry that are interested in bringing more value to their business and products by experimenting with new ideas.
  • Companies that are looking for a systematic way to generate organic growth.
  • Managers/Executives who want to gain a better understanding of how to run new initiatives.

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We look forward to seeing you online at the webinar. If you have questions beforehand or would like to know more, please email [email protected].

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