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Webinar recording: Innovate your legacy product without rewriting it

The first of our Pragmatic innovation webinars.

Remus Pereni, CTO of Yonder, discusses how to innovate your legacy product without rewriting it.

  • Should you spend effort on innovation?
  • It is essential to plot your product in the product lifecycle stages.
  • And you should know at what level your competitors are competing with you.
  • Furthermore, is your product in the cloud, and what type of SaaS maturity level does it have?
  • Do you need to innovate that end of your product first?

The fun stuff: APIs, Technologies, Intelligence

Preparing your innovation roadmap.

This knowledge exchange is for anybody who:

  • Has a rich, valued software solution that could use some rejuvenation
  • Is considering innovating an existing product
  • Is looking for a way to do it smartly and avoid big modernizations

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