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Interview with Enovation’s CTO/CISO Dré Lameir on managing complexity

Discussing how software companies deal with technology debt

Last year, our CTO, Remus Pereni, sat down with Dré Lameir, the CTO and CISO of Enovation, a leading Dutch healthcare company. Yonder has been Enovation’s technology partner since 2018.

In this interview, the two CTOs discuss the complexities of technology debt and how to manage such debt, especially when software companies have such complexities as software modernizations and millions and millions of lines of code. Dré shares how Enovation deals with that.


If you have any questions or would like to know how your company can deal with complexity, please reach out via the Contact Us form, and Remus or one of the other technical experts will get back to you.

Or listen to the podcast below.


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