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Introducing Yonder’s Life Cycle Extension

From Life Cycle Management to Life Cycle Extension

The software products of our clients are their core business, and like any other product, they have a life cycle that software companies manage following the Product Life Cycle Management processes: conceive, design, realize, and service with the last stage being disposal.

In our line of business, we can have very agile, flexible products allowing us to extend the life cycle into the future, 10 or 20 years ahead, if we modify them or set them up in such a way that they can continuously be innovated satisfying the market requirements in years to come. The objective is to create continuity for your operations, your clients, and your employees. Creating enduring businesses.

Some software products have been around for nearly half a century. These are very rich and valued products that lack the flexibility in their essence to quickly adapt and stay ahead of the disposal stage of the life cycle. Others are younger and require a different approach. Extending the life cycle begins with technology and technical strategies based on future knowledge, vision, customer needs, and business acumen.

In the Life Cycle Extension program, we will give you insights from clients and non-clients. We will share their approaches and challenges regarding their efforts to create and transform their products so that they remain valued in their market segment in years to come. Yonder experts will discuss different technology and process approaches helping software and VMS companies to gain the needed agility in their products. We will share information on a higher level for all to understand as well as going into detail for the technical experts.

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