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Let’s TECH about IT!

Let’s TECH about IT! – a virtual event on technical aspects you encounter during your software product or project lifecycle.

During the lifecycle of a product or a specific project, you will encounter challenges that need to be solved. These can be performance, security, technology, or infrastructure-related hurdles that have to be overcome.

Usually, you deal with such challenges by brainstorming with a group of experts. During our online event, which takes place over two afternoons, we will share insights and best practices on some of the challenges we have encountered. As the technology partner for many different clients, we have acquired a lot of experience over time, that could benefit you.

You’ll gain insights on topics such as the infamous migration from Angular 1, an SSO approach using Active Directory, and an entire journey from hackathon to production, with all the performance optimizations along the way.

By sharing these insights, we hope to flatten some of the hurdles and give you food for thought on possible solutions.

Mark your calendar – 17 and 18 March 2021

Let's TECH about IT!



Let’s Tech about IT! will have 2 days of 3 sessions each.

Wednesday, 17 March

15:00 to 15:40 – Our Angular Migration Journey

15:45 to 16:25 – Book of Creation: Kubernetes

16:30 to 17:10 – Event Sourcing

Thursday, 18 March

15:00 to 15:40 – Benchmarking and Performance Optimizations (BPO)

15:45 to 16:25 – Single Sign-On with ADFS

16:30 to 17:10 – Spring Boot Update

Over the coming days, we will update the sessions so you can find out more and register. Some of the sessions will have an online networking event following the webinar, where every participant can share his or her views on the topic and have a good discussion.

So watch this space and mark your calendars.


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