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Meet our OutSystems Team

OutSystems Partner

Yonder has been an OutSystems partner for several years now, and we have a big and enthusiastic community of professionals working with this technology.

During the Yonder Hackathon, two of our team members and a business analyst (client) set down to tell us about their Hackathon experience and why working with OutSystems is so exciting.

Being close to the business

What our team values the most about working with OutSystems is that you have to be close to the business. This means you have to understand the product and the business logic. Therefore, you have to work closely with your clients.

OutSystems at the Yonder Hackathon

The Yonder Hackathon is the ideal time to find out what you can do with OutSystems in 48 hours. The team (client & Yonder) wanted to test new functionalities and see if they would add value. It is a time when you can diversify and focus on those new ideas. For the client, it was inspiring to be so close to the action. Having multiple Hackathon teams, working for different clients in various technologies, was energizing and added a sense of friendly competition.

So what did they do at the Hackathon? The team created several cool features in or integrated with OutSystems such as chatbots, innovative ‘user manuals,’ fast & smart scanning of documents, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and more.

Watch the video and find out for yourself.

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