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Mirror, mirror on the wall – AI innovation lab video

Watch the video of the mirror, mirror innovation at Yonder30

Mirror, Mirror in Action

Discover the magic of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – your personalized AI companion designed for instant insights into your environment. In a previous post, we mentioned some of the specific AI innovations we showcased at the Innovation Lab. In this short video, Alexandra Bucur explains the ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’ application, and you can see and hear how it works.

Toni Simu shares examples of AI’s potential for customers and the types of applications and challenges that software companies and enterprises could use it for. Peyton Moore, President of EWS Group, tells us how he sees the possible benefits of AI for his company.



What is the Mirror, Mirror Application

Here is a recap of the innovation in the video. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall is fueled by state-of-the-art technologies, including Python, Flask, and JavaScript. This innovative creation by OpenAI transforms your daily interactions into delightful experiences. The Wizard, your AI companion, seamlessly integrates into your routine, offering quick, clever answers with a touch of professionalism and light humor. Whether you’re curious about your immediate surroundings or simply seeking information, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall brings the world to your fingertips.

Explore the seamless communication and intuitive design that powers this AI marvel. The underlying technologies enable effortless interaction with your surroundings, turning every question into a delightful exchange. Step into a realm where artificial intelligence enriches your daily experience, and let Mirror, Mirror on the Wall redefine how you connect with the world around you.

Here is a demo that allows you to play with the innovation.

The way the demo works:

  • You hold something in your hand, wear something particular, do something
  • You press the Start recording
  • You ask a question like “What am I holding in my hand?”, “what is behind me?” “Am I sad?”, or any questions about the photo
  • Then press Stop Recording

Click here to play with the demo:


View some more photos of the Yonder Innovation Lab at Yonder30.


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