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Port Of Rotterdam Is Front-Runner

GMT Yonder customer

Port Of Rotterdam Is Front-Runner In Registration Of Shipping Waste

GMT app for easy sustainable waste management

Mobile management of mandatory registration of ship-generated waste is now possible with the app M2HAMIS. As the process is digitized, paper is no longer necessary and fraud with waste flows is prevented. This helps the environment and saves both waste collectors and the Port of Rotterdam a lot of time. As the process is digitized, paper is no longer necessary and fraud with waste flows is prevented. This helps the environment and saves both waste collectors and the Port of Rotterdam a lot of time. 

GMT, specialist in software for the waste management industry, developed the app M2HAMIS. As of 2015 both large and small collectors can easily register collected waste in the Port Management Information System (HAMIS) using any device, from notebook to tablet. This improves efficiency and reduces the chance of errors as manual input by the waste collector and retyping the information by the Port Authority are no longer required. The registration can be checked instantly on board the ship which prevents fraud. This makes the Port of Rotterdam a pioneer and worldwide trendsetter.

Easy to use

The waste treaty (CDNI), which protects the environment and safety of domestic and foreign waters, states the conditions for registration. HAMIS collects the required data. “Ease of use was one of the most important requirements we gave GMT and mobile accessibility had to guarantee wide acceptance”, says Ron van Gelder, Senior Consultant at the Port of Rotterdam. “And that was accomplished. Users can reach the cloud application easily via tablet or notebook. The Port of Rotterdam supplies the application with current data on the ships calling on the port: ship names and information pertaining to their call to port. The collector supplements the information with data on the type and quantity of waste and location where it has been collected.” The app sends the data to the Port of Rotterdam so that all waste data is complete.

Mark Abbas, CEO of GMT adds: “The solution is lean, web-based and easy to use. It complements our product portfolio of solutions for sustainable waste management and contributes to our commitment to a cleaner planet. Paper is no longer needed and fraud can be prevented as up-to-date information makes it possible to immediately check it. This application makes the Port of Rotterdam a trendsetter. It is an example for other ports in the Netherlands and abroad.”

Currently, the waste-collector registers waste in three phases: upon leaving to go to the ship, when transferring the waste and when invoicing in HAMIS. Both users and operational staff are relieved of the administrative burden as all messages are communicated electronically. It will be possible to easily extend the service to include other data in the future.

Quick development

GMT built HAMIS using OpenEdge created by the software company Progress. OpenEdge enables rapid and simple development and deployment of applications. Yonder, a service partner of Progress, developed the app M2HAMIS using Progress Rollbase, a rapid app development tool. Rollbase is designed to quickly develop and deploy robust apps in the Cloud. Abbas: “In just a few weeks’ time the app was functional and ready for the Port of Rotterdam to be tested in the Rotterdam waters. We can call this a very rapidly developed electronic masterpiece.”

About the companies

Yonder is part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS). Yonder is a strategic outsourcing partner for product software companies and creates innovative and scalable solutions.

Progress Software Corporation(NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global software company that simplifies the development, deployment and management of business applications on-premise or in the cloud, on any platform or device, to any data source, with enhanced performance, minimal IT complexity and low total cost of ownership.

GMT has been closely involved in developing solutions for the waste and environmental industry for over 28 years. GMT translates its in-depth knowledge into innovative and practical software such as A2B Logistics, AfvalRIS, CLEAR, Wastedge and Wastehub. GMT’s software solutions are ideal for disposal companies, carriers/collectors, waste removal departments, recycling companies, environmental departments and processors of (hazardous) waste.


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