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Recordings of all Let’s TECH about IT 2023 presentations

We had a great time presenting our insights and knowledge in this year’s Let’s TECH about IT edition. Clients and colleagues from across continents attended our series. So to wrap it all up, here are the recordings of all the sessions, so you can easily review the topics that interest you.

Lets TECH 2023 – The journey from hackathon to MVP to full product

For those people who are interested in experimenting but cannot find the time to take the product feature idea from your roadmap nor have the time to test how it looks in real life. In this webinar, Lili will discuss how you can experiment safely and then take the result to the next level: building business justification and the actual solution.


Lets TECH 2023 – Technical solutions for initiatives in established products

Innovation can present itself in various forms, each with its own challenges. Implementing it by itself can become quite a journey! On the other hand, integrating innovation into an existing product adds enough complexity for the topic to be worthy of debriefing. If you’re interested in the technical aspects we considered when implementing, what processes we applied, or if you are simply curious about how successful the innovative modules we worked on were, we will welcome you to this talk.


Lets TECH 2023 – Home Automation

Are you tired of getting up from bed when you left a light on? This is the place for you. We all know that designing a smart home can be expensive, especially if you go with specialized companies and professional systems like KNX. In this presentation, I will share with you what I learned by doing it myself using open-source technologies like Home Assistant and products made to retrofit. Intended audience: Technical or non-technical, you have a place here. The talk will tackle basic home automation that does not require more than some configurations but also some details and customizations that will satisfy the technical side as well.


Lets TECH 2023 – From NLP to text production

From real-time product sentiment analytics to automated knowledge extraction from text, documents, and photos, Natural Language Processing is one of the core applications where Machine Learning has seen outstanding progress in the last decade. In this session, we will observe how this domain evolved over time, as well as some insights into what it takes to bring such systems to production.


Lets TECH 2023 – Onion Architecture, the good and the bad

Călin and Răzvan will present two real app use cases that use domain-centric architecture (Spring & .NET). We will highlight the challenges and constraints and give you some tips that helped the developers to be productive while implementing a healthy architecture.


Lets TECH 2023 – When to plan performance

Many enterprise applications have poor performance in at least one flow or functionality. But what is good performance? Does it have something to do with planning? Join this session, and we’ll see where the poor performance comes from and when you should consider it.


Lets TECH 2023 – Supercharged Web Apps

Around 98% of web applications are based on JavaScript on the client side, including all its different flavors. What if I told you that taking your existing web application and putting it in app stores is not as complicated as it sounds? In this talk, we’ll be looking at Capacitor and what are the required steps for deploying your shiny app to App Store and Google Play Store in order for you to have a higher end-user reach.


Lets TECH 2023 – OData, the underrated opinionated REST API from Microsoft

Many companies reach a point when they want to build APIs around their software. The reasons range from enabling 3rd party integrations to building new User Interfaces for their ecosystem. Designing a mature, future-proof, and maintainable API can become a challenging operation. Join us if you want to hear a story on how we use an OASIS Standard called Open Data Protocol (OData) to streamline your journey.


Lets TECH 2023 – Kubernetes self managed to Azure

Today we will build upon the last webinar that took us through the journey from idea to deploying the application in a self-managed Kubernetes cluster. So we will begin part 2 of this adventure – Azure managed cluster. We will peek into some of the impediments we had, the do’s and don’ts, and the pros and cons.


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