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Self-Service iBurgerzaken Up To 97%!

Yonder client PinkRoccade Self Service iBurgerzakenYonder is very proud to have co-developed software that has a real impact. iBurgerzaken of PinkRoccade Local Government not only reduces the workload at the municipalities but also permits citizens to take control over some of the major events in their lives. Here an article by PinkRoccade Local Government validating the impact of iBurgerzaken.

The first results exceed the expectations

Now that a number of municipalities are live with iBurgerzaken, we can take a first look at the results. To gain the proof that we are on the right track with our innovation and co-creation of iBurgerzaken.

The most frequently asked question: which percentage is now digital?

Which percentage of requests in iBurgerzaken are generated by the inhabitants? Meaning from ‘home’, at any given time and fully digital. Using the iBurgerzaken app by the citizen or funeral director. And to the complete satisfaction.

The answer is: a triumphant 97%!

The first results exceeded our boldest expectations. Even the front runners were a bit skeptic on the percentage of citizens who would use self-service. In our calculations, we were aiming for 70%. Yet in practice it seems, that with targeted actions, a self-service percentage of 97% has been realized. According to Mat Keijers, Product Manager Burgerzaken, the primary reason for the success is the co-creation between municipalities and Pinkroccade Local Government. “The front runners had self-service as the focal point which has translated into a user-friendly app for the inhabitants. It is even fun for them to register this way. Together with the municipalities, we have also created communication campaigns to generate awareness among the inhabitants for this new and innovative service. And just as important, the municipalities have created additional policies to promote the digital channel. A best practice: ‘Digital unless ….’. That has certainly helped the kick-off.

Some examples
Municipality Almelo registers births with an iPad in the regional hospital. Parents, often younger inhabitants, really appreciate the service. Congratulations Almelo. Especially in the way they work together with the hospital staff, which is unique. The joint goal is to have nearly all registrations of births done digitally in the hospital or at home via iBurgerzaken.
Municipality Waalwijk together with the national funeral service provider Monuta, has been the first to try out the digital registrations of deaths. This also has advantages for the undertakers. It saves them much time and improves the service offering to their customers. This permits the heirs to go to the notary office sooner, as required documentation is available quickly. The plan is to have all actions take place via iBurgerzaken for all funeral homes and all death certificates.

Municipality Oss has been very active in the marriage process. Mat Keijers: “And successfully! The users of the municipality Oss wanted to facilitate the inhabitants, and the municipality created a policy to direct the citizens to the digital channel. Excellent! Together we also created a different business model, aimed at lowering the costs. In other words, both municipality Oss and PinkRoccade Local Government benefit from a high percentage of citizens that use self-service via iBurgerzaken. This type of partnership is very relevant for the larger municipalities.

Click here to read the original article by PinkRoccade Local Government.


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