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Let’s Hackathon! – The benefits of a private Hackathon

Full focus

Much has been written in the past about time management. Time is the one resource we cannot multiply and therefore a scarce commodity. However, we discovered that to be truly productive, we have to manage our energy and focus effectively.

In other words, over-planning our day by splitting it into many intervals, meetings, etc. sometimes does not take us to the desired result. I think we’ve all had hectic days, but at the end of the day, we did not feel we had accomplished a lot. So what lacked was the focus on one big item.

Create a prototype in two days!

We at Yonder invite you to achieve a lot within a reasonably short period. Two days is all that’s needed to walk away with a prototype for your new product initiative.Yonder Private Hackathon

We’ve had a great TSS Group Hackathon last year and based on the feedback we can offer the same experience to independent software product companies.

A private Hackathon is about getting all key people for a product initiative together in one location, for a full two-day session. It’s about focusing on developing a prototype without having to email questions and wait for answers from other busy colleagues because all the key people are in the room. It’s ultimately about focused work. And fun on the side as well.

Quick and cost effective

A hackathon is a quick and cost-effective way for software companies to get a prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your new initiative. As a customer, you will have a dedicated professional team working with you on your initiative including the aid of an Architect and Delivery Manager who will support your team as needed. If you have a launching customer for the new initiative, you can invite them to the Hackathon so that they are involved early on in the creation of your MVP. Involving your client from the beginning and having them at the Hackathon will ensure that they are involved and will support your MVP as their needs are incorporated.

All of this will happen during one weekend in Yonder Office Building Cluj NapocaRomania, hosted by Yonder in our Cluj office where all the needed infrastructure is in place. As it is a private Hackathon, we can tailor it, so it fits your needs (in the office or other location, during the week or weekend, even the number of days.)

Therefore, make your time count and have a private Hackathon to start the prototype of your new initiative so you can jump start your new software product time efficiently and cost effectively.

For more information, just get in touch with us, and we will get back to you.


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