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The Challenges of VMS Companies part 2 – Yonder Talks

In part one of the challenges of VMS companies, Daniel Lar and Remus Pereni discussed the first five challenges that VMS companies face:

  • Pace of change
  • Impact of technology
  • Cost pressure: more for less
  • Fear for disruption
  • Attrition

In this second video, they continue their talk on the challenges.

Investment curves

Nowadays there are many different specialties in the technology world, such as UI/UX designers, Requirements Analysts, Testers, DevOps and Infrastructure people, etc. that a VMS company would need but not always continuously. How can VMS companies deal with the fragmentation of technical skills that are required?

Domain knowledge and the continuity of your VMS business

If you are to use a technical partner, an outsourcing or nearshoring company, to help you with getting your product on the market, how will that affect your domain knowledge? And will that influence the continuity of your business? Will it help you to gain focus on your business using specialized help?

Vertical versus horizontal players

Is there a difference between the two types of software companies? Is their competitive landscape different? Is one easier to replicate by a new market entry than the other?

Long-term vision and the future relevance

Every company is structured to be relevant and survive in today’s market, whether in IT or any other market. But how well are they prepared to maintain their market position in 20 years from now? Technology should be the enabler that allows you to be flexible over the next 20 years. That is the challenge.  Those companies that manage their technology well will have the freedom to stay relevant as they can follow the demand quickly. But technical debt will slow a company down.

Want to find out more? Find out if your software product can maintain its relevance in the market over the next 20 years? Need help with eliminating your technical debt? Get in touch with us.

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