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The Yonder 2024 Hackathon Aftermovie

Feel the innovative vibe of the event

This Spring, Yonder hosted its annual Hackathon in Iasi and Cluj-Napoca. Many clients participated, in person or online, and many Yonderists joined the teams. It is a two-day yearly event focused on innovation. We explore new ideas and technologies and experiment with how these can be applied to add value to our clients. This year, most projects involved artificial intelligence (AI).

Watch the aftermovie and get an idea of what we do during this event. Two of our clients and some of our colleagues discuss the value that participating in the Hackathon can bring. Of course, innovation is not limited to one two-day period a year; it is a continuous process. But it is one moment where different teams and clients come together to experiment without being interrupted by daily affairs. Yonder also hosts private hackathons for clients, for example, if they need a longer time or our annual Hackathon doesn’t fit their schedule.

If you are interested in learning more about our pragmatic innovation approach and how we help companies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.



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