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The Yonder – PinkRoccade Tax & Property Virtual Hackathon was a success!


Pre-corona time, we were preparing for our annual Hackathon, thinking of innovative ideas for our clients that could bring them value. Our development team of one of our long-lasting clients came up with an innovative idea and proposed it to PinkRoccade Tax & Property. Our team was elated that Tax & Property were just as excited about the idea as they were: clustering cases on the maps within the R&O Suite.

And then the pandemic came, and everybody was quarantined at home. But that did not stop the teams from realizing ideas. On April 25, 2020, Yonder organized a virtual hackathon with the R&O Suite team.

virtual T&P hackathon Yonder team

The goal of the Hackathon was to display all the tax objections registered on the map through the newly created R&O module, iBezwaar (iObjection). To track and identify regions with a higher density of objections, a new type of data visualization was added – Clustering.

For each cluster, a graphic chart is displayed, showing the total number of objections as well as the number of objections per priority (Low-Mid-High). Users can access the objections quickly via the map, through the “Open Case” option, which is available in the objection tooltip.

Tax and Property iBezwaar


The Hackathon was a great success. We did not let the quarantine situation prevent us from holding the event. We organized a virtual hackathon where all the members joined from their respective home offices. And although we were all apart, we made sure that we felt like and acted as a team.

“The results are awesome! Please send my congrats to the whole team of Yonder and, of course, Rudy himself. Rudy already informed the local R&D team this morning of the items you created this Saturday. But now we even received the demos. I’m looking forward to the upcoming demos for future customers.”

Michiel Uijting, Managing Director, PinkRoccade Tax & Property


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