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Webinar: Demystifying Cost-Savings – the Art of Finetuning Cloud Infrastructure Costs

webinar the art of finetuning cloud infrastructure


Join us in this webinar, where we will unveil the art of cost optimization through cloud infrastructure.

Discover how harnessing the power of cloud services will not only reduce expenses but also accelerate your time-to-market. In this session, Alex will guide you through the essentials of cloud-driven cost savings backed by compelling facts, figures, and real-world data.

Empower your cost-conscious journey in the cloud realm. Tune in to master the art of efficient cloud usage, amplifying both your financial and operational prowess.

Alex will go through his presentation in 20 minutes. We will also try to fit the Q&A into the 30 minutes, and we hope you will actively participate and ask questions.

Presenter: Alex Coman – Software Architect
Date: 7 September
Time: 4 PM (EEST)

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