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Webinar recording – Improve your enterprise product in increments

On July 1st, our senior UI/UX Designer Liviu Oros will host a webinar on which steps you can and should take to improve your enterprise software product in bite-size increments.

Liviu comes from a different background, having started his career at advertising or digital agencies. Then several years ago he switched to enterprise software. Here the software solutions are rich, full of business logic that will be around for many years.

We, the users of such enterprise solutions, are set in our ways of working, perform tasks without looking. Change means effort in our daily workflows, so we shy away from change. Yet, we also like to spend the least time possible on non-interesting tasks, so in that sense we welcome improvements.

In this webinar, Liviu takes us on his journey and will show how certain changes, brought at the right amount can enhance the longevity and value of your product. The webinar focuses on the strategy, the steps to reach the improvements, and not on technical matters.


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