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Yonder Hackathon 2024 on 19 – 20 April

In Cluj-Napoca and Iasi

Yonder will host its annual hackathon this year on Friday, 19 and Saturday, 20 April. As always, we kick off the event with a pre-hackathon dinner on Thursday, 18 April.

Yonder Hackathon


The Yonder Hackathon is a two-day event during which our professionals sit down with customers and prospects to create prototypes of new innovations for their end clients. From Yonder, there will be dedicated software developers per innovation and a group of experts such as UI/UX designers, architects, and testers, for example, who share their expertise across teams where needed.

Preparing for the hackathon

Of course, preparations for the hackathon start long before the actual event. Our professionals and Techboard members discuss what new options technology could offer specific clients. The teams sit together with clients and prospects to discuss their challenges, needs, and innovation requirements. Put those ingredients together, and they have the perfect mixture to experiment with pragmatic innovations focusing on a current or future market need.

For some more insights on preparations, please read this article by Remus Pereni. 


Yonder Hackathon


At the end of 2023, we celebrated Yonder30 with an event that also hosted an innovation lab. The lab focused on artificial intelligence (AI), and a team of colleagues showcased their initiatives with this new technology. All the AI initiatives had a pragmatic innovation approach, meaning that they were designed with commercial applicability in mind. We will share more on this subject in a later article.

For now, mark your calendar and think about the innovations that would help you stay ahead of the competition in your market: innovative product features that your clients would value and pay for.

Reach out to your Yonder contact or email Remus Pereni, our CTO and host of the Yonder Hackathons and marketing, at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing everyone in Iasi or Cluj-Napoca in April this year.

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