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Yonder Hackathon Aftermovie

An innovative 2 days

In May 2023, we could finally host a Yonder Hackathon again in Cluj and Iasi, as the last one was in 2019. During the hackathon, our customers and colleagues joined for two days of exploring, testing, and coding innovative ideas that help them serve their market better. Most participating customers joined in person, but there were a few that joined online.

During the two days, the teams focus entirely on innovative projects, investigating new technologies, new approaches, and new market segments: two days dedicated to innovation without interruption.  Normally, during our engagements with clients, the focus lies on current projects, the here and now, or the relatively short future. To make the most out of the opportunities that new technology has to offer and bring this together with the future needs of clients and vision for the market, it works very well to spend such dedicated events together. These hackathons are long enough to create a prototype that our customers can take to their clients so they can validate and improve it.

Bringing together all these technology and domain professionals creates something special. They enjoy this time of experimentation; it gives a burst of energy and a great vibe. A hackathon is an effective way to experiment with ideas for the future. If your company is interested in a hackathon, please reach out to your delivery manager or fill in the contact form.




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